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  1. Improves Muscle Mass
  2. Improves Stamina
  3. Burns Body Fat
  4. Boosts Testosterone

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Dosage Info:

RAD-140 Liquid 30mg 1ML 30 servings.

RAD-140 Capsules 15mg 1 Capsule 60 servings.

Many across the world are admiring RAD-140 for countless reasons. Testolone RAD140 was designed as a safer alternative to anabolics. This highly anabolic compound promotes increases in muscle mass and is second to none for mimicking the effects of natural testosterone.

Benefits Of Testolone (RAD140)

  • Anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1
  • Improves libido and sexual performance
  • Best SARM for muscle growth and size.
  • Reduces fat and increases muscle mass.
  • Ideal to enhance body composition.
  • Rapid muscle recovery

Typical Results.

  1. Medical studies have demonstrated (and as confirmed by online reviews about Testolone) that RAD-140 is highly effective to treat degenerative conditions like Alzheimer's disease. It is equally effective to provide relief to subjects with androgenic deficiencies.
  2. Individuals treated with Testolone have reported improvements in the levels of sexual development and function.
  3. The use of Testolone is associated by RAD-140 users with dramatic relief from muscle wasting or loss or muscle tissue, weakness, and fatigue that makes the entire otherwise-complicated processes of healing and recovery easy and quick.
  4. RAD-140 users can expect dramatic fat loss and gain 5-15 lbs lean muscle mass gains in as short as four to six weeks.

Length of Research

8-12 weeks.

PCT Yes or No?

We recommend a PCT & Liver & Organ with this product.



How does Testolone RAD140 work?

Testolone RAD140 operates by selectively attaching to androgen receptors in the body, mainly in the muscles and bones. This targeted binding initiates anabolic actions, resulting in greater muscle size, improved strength, and elevated bone density.

Can I stack Testolone with other SARMs?

Absolutely! Testolone RAD140 is often used in conjunction with other performance-boosting substances to possibly enhance its impact.

How should I dose RAD140?

The correct amount of Testolone RAD140 to take can differ depending on various personal factors, including one's level of experience and objectives. Commonly recommended doses are between 2 capsules or 1ml for full dosage with cycles generally extending 12+ weeks.

Should I PCT?

Yes, we always recommend a PCT after each cycle. Here are two of our favorites below!