RAD-150 | 15MG – 60 Capsules | Warrior Labs

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  1. Increased Muscle Mass
  2. Increased Fat Burning
  3. Improved Libido
  4. Improved Recovery Time

RAD-150, also known as TLB-150 Benzoate, is a remarkable compound which stabilizes the levels of testosterone. It works by mimicking the role of natural testosterone in your body. Because of esterification, a chemical reaction that forms at least one type of compound called ester (byproduct of acid and alcohol reaction), RAD-150 can last much longer in your body than its parent compound RAD-140 (about twice as long). Due to its high absorption rate, stability, and half-life of 48 hours, it offers a broad range of health benefits with little to no side effects and is significantly more effective than other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).



How does RAD-150 work?

It has been used by chemical synthetic chemists, since the development of original androgens. This process is utilized to help stabilize, enhance, and change the bioavailability of androgens. This results in an increase in half-life, by 10-fold, which is ten times as long as usual and has allowed for a decrease in the frequency of dosage and unstable hormone response in RAD-150.

Can I stack RAD-150 with other SARMs?

Absolutely! Testolone RAD-150 is often used in conjunction with other performance-boosting substances to possibly enhance its impact.

How should I dose RAD-150?

The correct amount of Testolone RAD-150 to take can differ depending on various personal factors, including one's level of experience and objectives. Commonly recommended doses are between 2 capsules or 1ml for full dosage with cycles generally extending 12+ weeks.

Should I PCT?

Yes, we always recommend a PCT after each cycle. Here are two of our favorites below!