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RAD-150 – 30ML Liquid

The latest RAD formula Warrior Rad-150 Liquid, an even more potent SARM!

Warrior Rad-1 50 Liquid is an esterified form of RAD that exhibits a very powerful effect. The substance in its action is comparable to other powerful agents that are commonly used in bodybuilding.
The supplement is a more refined version of SARM RAD-140. Rad-150 is ideal for mass and strength cycles. It provides good quality muscle mass gains.

Warrior Rad-150 is:
• Powerful performance,
• Builds pure muscle mass,
-Supports strength gains,
-Improves recovery,
• Extended half-life.

What is RAD-150?
It is an esterified form of RAD-140, which is even more potent than its predecessor. Its action is much stronger than the classic SARM, which was known for its very good muscle gains. The
molecule is more stable and shows a longer half-life, which gives a better effect.

How does RAD-150 work?
Radium shows a similar action at androgen receptors as the popular anabolic agent used in bodybuilding. Many sources indicate that RAD-150 is an androgen mimetic meaning that it mimics the
action of androgens, despite not being an androgen itself. Interestingly, it may contribute to reducing the side effects that arise from the use of androgens.
Of particular note are the properties of RAD-150. It is repeatedly compared to the effects of SAAs like testosterone. RAD's potency allows us to achieve very good mass results, at a level of 4-6
kilograms during a mass cycle.
RAD-150 can also boost testosterone production in the body. Of course, the doses are not similar to those introduced by administering a synthetic compound, but RAD can be a good testosterone

What to combine RAD-140 with?
The most popular combination is RAD with LAG. Strong action, significant muscle mass gains will be obtained when RAD-150, LAG-4033 and MK-677 are put together.
RAD-1 50 Liquid composition:
1 serving, 0.5 ml:
RAD-150 - 15 ma - this is one of the newer compounds from the SARM aroup with a ver powerful muscle mass-buildina effect. Structurallv. RAD-150 is similar to RAD-140. but it has been esterified.
which areatlv enhances its capabilities. Above all. RAD-150 is more stable and lasts loner. This allows us to better control the action of the supplement and achieve a more powerful effect.

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