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Vitamin D3 K2 - Nutrabio

Vitamin D3/K2 combines the power of Vitamin D3, the "sunshine vitamin", with Vitamin K2's clinically-studied form, Mena-Q7, for a potent blend that supports bone strength and cardiovascular wellness.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Bone Growth and Remodeling:Vitamin D3 plays a pivotal role in supporting bone growth, remodeling, and the absorption of calcium in the gut for normal bone mineralization.*
  • Optimized Calcium Utilization: Vitamin K2 as Mena-Q7 aids in synthesizing crucial bone proteins, ensuring effective calcium integration into bones for strength and health.*
  • Cardiovascular Health Support: Vitamin K2 contributes to heart health by preventing calcium deposits in the arteries and enhancing vascular elasticity.*
  • Synergistic Action for Bone and Heart Health: The combination of D3 and K2 ensures calcium is properly absorbed and utilized, promoting both skeletal and cardiovascular wellness.*

Vitamin D3/K2 is your comprehensive solution for maintaining strong bones and a healthy heart, backed by the synergy of two crucial vitamins for overall well-being.

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