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Alchemy Labs E-GUARD is an all-natural estrogen blocking supplement that increases free testosterone levels, boosts performance, and can help balance unwanted cortisol levels – key factors in keeping adrenal levels healthy.

E-GUARD was formulated to be a truly effective hormone balancing agent, combining effectively dosed ingredients to help increase free testosterone, boost performance, and regulate hormone levels.

E-GUARD Supports:

  • Increased absorption of free testosterone*
  • Increased performance*
  • Reduced fatigue*
  • Healthy hormone levels*

Who Should Take E-GUARD?

Anyone looking to:

  • Lower unwanted estrogen + cortisol levels*
  • Increase performance & recovery*
  • Maintain healthy hormone balance*
  • Lower stress levels*
  • Enhance their pro-hormone cycle*
  • Come off a pro-hormone cycle*

Why E-GUARD Was Formulated:

  • For men who naturally desire to maintain a healthier balance of hormones, reduce unwanted side effects of an unwanted level of estrogen and cortisol, and raise their free testosterone level.*


KSM 66® Ashwagandha: A full-spectrum ashwagandha extract that aids in balancing hormones, leveling cortisol, and stabilizing mood. *

Stinging Nettle Root Extract: Potent estrogen reducing, test-boosting plant with properties that can aid in the uptake of your body's natural testosterone production. *

Grape Seed Extract: This natural ingredient can help optimize hormone balance and reduce unwanted side effects. *

Milk Thistle Seed Extract: Promotes a healthy liver and supports the immune system with antioxidants. *

Citrus Bioflavanoids Fruit Extract: This powerhouse ingredient helps protect your body against oxidative stress, accelerating recovery. *

Calcium D-Glucarate: Supports healthy energy levels, assists in the removal of unwanted estrogen from the body, and allows more natural testosterone to be absorbed. *

DIM: Helps regulate hormone balance and reduces levels of hormones that do not promote increased levels of testosterone. 

Acacetin: Aids in stopping the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. *

BioPerine®: This trademarked black pepper extract promotes the rapid absorption of nutrients. *

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