Blessed Booster Healthy Hair

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Blessed Booster Healthy Hair

Looking for ways to revolutionize your hair care and maintain long, luscious locks? Blessed Booster Healthy Hair is a plant-based supplement containing a blend of highly considered ingredients to help increase hair growth, strengthen hair, and promote a vibrant shine.


Nutrient insufficiency is one of the biggest culprits for lackluster hair - which is why we’ve formulated Blessed Booster Healthy Hair with scientifically backed ingredients to boost your nutrient status for optimal hair health.


Vitamin B12 helps optimize hair growth and keep your locks looking vibrant. Biotin works to increase keratin production to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. We’ve included Kelp, which is a natural bioavailable source of iodine, to increase hair volume, strength, and color vibrance. Silica, from natural bamboo extracts, helps increase hair volume and strength. Lastly, we’ve added Zinc since it is essential for hair growth, maintenance, and repair for supremely healthy locks!


Blessed Booster Healthy Hair conveniently delivers your daily dose of key vitamins and minerals for strong, voluminous, luscious hair. Simply take it as a capsule, or twist it open into a Blessed Protein shake for easy consumption.

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