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INTEK PROTEIN EVOLUTION finally brings you the “Jack Of All Trades” protein by including 5 different sources of protein in every scoop. Not only does this eliminate the need for multiple shakes for different purposes, but unlike a single source protein like Whey or Soy, it allows for quick, intermediate, and slow digesting protein in every serving. With practically no carbohydrates, no fat, no sugar, and as little cholesterol as possible, you have a nearly 100% pure protein shake at your hungry muscles’ disposal.

To create the most complete protein ever, INTEK mimicked the protein sources in our whole foods by adding essential vitamins, minerals, collagen, colostrum, and amino acids like BCAA’s and glutamine peptides, that the body can’t make itself, to put all the pieces together and bring you a truly anabolic shake beyond measure.

Lastly, to eliminate the bloating effect that some shakes give people, digestive enzymes have been added to allow for complete absorption with no indigestion. With an award winning gourmet taste and perfect mix-ability, this is truly the evolution of protein shakes of today.

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